Womens Leather Roller


Women’s leather striker of cork and leather

✓ has an elaborate design with cork roses on front view

✓ built in Florence, Italy from 100% genuine leather and cork

✓ Dimensions: 18.5 cm (M) x 6.5 cm (II) x 18.5 cm (Y)

✓ with strap adjustable

✓ Shoulder & Hanging Bag

✓ Basic space closes with zip

✓ features an external small zipper on the rear view for mobile / keys, etc.

✓ Indoor: Single with side zipper for mobile / keys, etc.

✓ genuine leather indication inside

THTH Elegant female purse has an elaborate cork design with roses, combined with the excellent quality of genuine Italian leather and gives unique character to your look. It is a bag suitable for all hours, easy-to-use, but also very practical, which will satisfy even the highest requirements.